Who we are?
Have you wondered what is the country of the most famous vampire in the world? Korean Seoul Tour helps you discover it.
Some say that we are emissaries of a good mood, and others that we are ambassadors of Korean culinary sensations in Romania. But besides all this, we say that, for over 10 years, we are a travel portal for all Koreans eager to be teleported to Dracula’s country, to discover their natural or man-made beauties.
Korean Seoul Tour is not just a travel agency but also a dream factory for all Koreans eager to meet one of the most beautiful European countries, Romania.

Our mission


In this place drawn on the map of the world with mountains, hills, water and plains, with secular traditions and hospitable people, the KoreanSeoulTour travel agency aims to become a bridge between the two nations separated by seas and countries, that are on two different continents: Asia and Europe.

How? With a lot of passion and dedication, we have created special travel packages, cultural circuits through the most representative areas of Romania, starting from unique architectural and natural objectives that are unique in the world, beautiful and proud people, to castles and regions enveloped in stories and legends.

Why choose us?


Because we are the first and only Korean travel agency in Romania, with more than 10 years of experience in the field.

The members of the Korean Seoul Tour team have extensive experience in several fields, ranging from economic, cultural, and artistic, to touristc. In order to meet the needs of our clients, and to meet their needs during the visit to Romania, our staff is trained, qualified with a diploma in tourism and a speaker of three languages

We want you to feel like part of a family throughout your visit, so we are ready to be the travel partner you need to meet the Romanians and the places they are proud of.

We promise to focus on your needs to travel to the most beautiful places in Romania, benefiting from quality services, affordable packages and the guarantee of a wonderful stay.